Imprivata is a leading provider of authentication, access management and secure communications solutions for healthcare. We work together to provide SSO with all applications, including those requiring usernames and passwords.

In cooperation with Imprivata, we provide you with a comprehensive single sign on solution for all types of targeting systems. With digital certificates and smart cards, one favors the goal of having the same invisible login for all needs, target systems and platforms.

Nevertheless, most organizations are still forced to handle a large amount of passwords for a large number of users. It simply depends on the dependence on services and systems that do not yet support logon with certificates and smart cards.

Sometimes organizations try to solve the challenge by making the passwords really complex and difficult to break. This will make the user experience poor and users will soon break the set security policy on how to handle their login. For example, by not logging out.

With Imprivata OneSign and Net iD Enterprise, we provide you with the opportunity to build an optimal, fast and easy single sign on for all applications. A secure login based on smart cards and a strong origin-identified user.

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