Identity theft is a globally growing problem and today a daily issue for individuals and businesses. Secure, easy-to-use solutions are necessary to prevent hackers from gaining access to usernames and passwords.

Strong individual-based authentication is crucial to prevent hackers from accessing usernames and passwords. Intel Identity Protection Technology (Intel IPT) deepens the security of the client.

I collaborate with Intel to supplement IPT with Net iD and certificate for identifying people behind the client.

Partnership means that Intel and SecMaker integrate their respective solutions to offer total managed certificate based IT security for client and user identification.

With Intel IPT, the user can be sure that the hardware is linked to the person who is using sensitive information and that no malicious code or man in the middle computer is used.

Through the collaboration, the user gets a simple everyday life, better security and increased productivity. Not least in healthcare, collaboration benefits make it possible for all login to be strong and seamless.

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