Reduce ten passwords to one PIN code

Organizations are putting their reputation, customer trust and competitive advantage at risk by not addressing the failings of passwords in the face of so many security threats.

Traditional security tools like passwords are not designed for the unique IT challenges organizations face today. Maintain IT security and improve productivity with only one PIN code

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Get a grip on managing your digital identities

Employees need to access applications and data no matter where they are. From all types of devices, fixed workstations, laptops, home offices and mobile devices with different permissions and geographic locations.

The challenge is to make sure that the mobilization of users, applications and data does not expose your organization’s IT environment to security risks.

Gather everything in one place and facilitate the management of all digital identities with the Net iD product family.

How do you provide a safe environment?

It's reasonable to want your workforce to be productive and operate in a safe and secure working environment.

Accessing different systems with large amounts of sensitive information is a major IT challenge.

It's tough to find the right solution when you have to balance so many other competing interests from technology to productivity to handling new legislation.


“We can now easily switch between users at a workplace or move between different workplaces. The time we save is enormously important, since we can instead spend that time on our patients.”

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