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system integration and support

SecMaker together with certified integration partners, provide a wealth of support resources, including advanced skills in IT security, smart card technology and PKI. Backed up with comprehensive experience and deep knowledge of system integrations means we shorten the time needed to find a solution.

Our services include integrating advanced features into an existing environment, developing new features based on customer-specific requirements, simplifying administration, and eliminating those factors that may demand support. Our extensive skills and experience help us to deploy the right go-to-market solution from the start and therefore consume fewer hours in the long run.

Get started

Start-Up and Installation, SecMaker offers different types of Start-Up Packages for your authentication project.
From intensive courses for administrators to master Net iD to fixed price courses for the basics to make it quick and easy to get up and running with a simple and secure login.

Custom Solutions

If our customers could testify why they like Net iD, the answer may be the range of configuration options and parameters we can work with in order to streamline workflows and work around limitations in the IT environment. By customizing your solution you maximize end user benefits and productivity while also simplifying the roll out and administration of your authentication project.

Training program

If your organization is starting out with an authentication project or is still at the planning stage, there is a lot to gain by training your staff in the fundamentals of certificate and administration of digital identities. Learn with our comprehensive training programs the best practices for procedures and systems, with hands-on practical exercises for IT and authentication security.

Are you planning an authentication project?

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