I need a card reader for my laptop and it has to work with my public servant ID card. Which reader should I choose?

All our card readers work if you log in in with your public servant ID card.
If you prefer a small and light reader, we recommend the IDBridge CT30.
If you going to have it standing on your desk, we recommend OMNIKEY 3121.

Are the card readers your provide compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, you´ll find all the readers in our webshop.

Which card readers works best with a MacBook Air?

All our readers with a USB interface are suitable for MacBook Air.

Is it possible to delegate the issuance of certificates and smart cards,

to e.g. the receptionist?

Absolutely, in Net iD Portal you can set up a group and decide which employees can have that authority in the system.

Can we connect an external system to your product, e.g. Microsoft Identity Manager?

Yes, because of Net iD Portal’s powerful API, you are able to integrate external systems, create users and much more.

Our organization handles many internal SSL Certificates, how can we keep
track of them so we don´t miss the expiration dates?

Net iD Portal helps you too keep track of the expiration dates for the
certificates issued from the interface. The portal can also keep track of
external certificates imported to the portal.

I would like to change the enrollment workflow in Net iD Portal, is it possible?

Yes, many of the features in Net iD Portal can be reconfigured, you can add a field or a rule or do the opposite and remove them.

Is it possible to combine multiple technologies for physical access on one card?

Yes, the smart cards can contain multiple RFID technologies eg. EM and Mifare

Today I use OTP, why should I use strong authentication based on certificates instead?

OTP (One Time Passwords) is based on password instead of certificates, which makes it easy to crack by unauthorized persons.
Our mobile solution, Net iD Access acts as Mobile BankID with the difference that instead of a personal certificate stored in the app, the user uses their business certificate stored in Net iD Access.

Can you completely turn off passwords?

Yes, several organizations have done this and instead replaced passwords with certificate-based log in.

Now that we have implemented smart cards and have placed smart card requirements on our computers. How can we read work email on a mobile device?

The most common solution is to enroll a certificate on mobile through a MDM (mobile device management). Then you configure the mobile to authenticate using the certificate instead of username and password.

We have multiple applications in our IT environment where we can log in with a SAML ticket? Do we have to use the smart card or is there another solution?

Our mobile solution for authentication, Net iD Access works in the same way as mobile BankID but the certificates are enrolled from the organizations own IT environment. You can use that as a complement to smart cards.

If I forget my smart card or YubiKey at home, how would I be able to login and work?

The most common way is that after we know your organizations needs we set up
a POC (Proof of concept). Once it's done, you can log in to your Windows production environment and fully try out the solution.

I can´t see my certificates in a published application in Citrix, how can I make them visible?

When you publish an application in Citrix that requires direct communication to a smart card, you sometimes need to start Net iD in conjunction with the session by letting it auto start with the application.

Net iD Connect for Citrix, does it only provide me with SSO and instant session downloads against Citrix?

Net iD Connect gives you the possibility to automate events when you connect your smart card. E.g. you can choose to start a predefined website or other features at the same time as you launch a Citrix session. Similarly, you can define events when removing a card.

When I use Net iD Connect for Citrix and connect my card, all my certificates show. Can I sort them in any way?

Yes, you have the opportunity to sort them by issuer, purpose, signing certificates and authentication certificate.

If I uninstalled Net iD Connect for Citrix with the WLD (Workstation Lockdown) add-on, and restart the computer it seems like it´s still locked?

After a uninstallation of WLD add-on you use the Windows shell key in the operative registry to recreate to explorer.exe

Can I use Net iD Connect for Citrix in an older environment with Citrix PNA Agent?

No, Net iD Connect for Citrix has several dependencies to Citrix Receiver, please contact us to verify your version of Citrix Client.

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